Working at Heights

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Staying Safe at Height

We have a skilled and certified team of building cleaning specialists servicing New Zealand commercial and industrial businesses.

We also offer standby staff to closely supervise your workers and assist your company to manage the risks associated when working at heights.


Fall Protection Solutions

“The greater the risk, the greater the controls need to be.
Doing nothing is not an option.”

Working at heights scissor lift

General maintenance

“Accidents hurt — Safety doesn’t.”

Working at heights knuckle boom

Knuckle boom

“Safety First, Last and Always.”

Harness working at heights


“A harness is better than a hearse.”

Working at heights knuckle boom

General maintenance

“Don’t be safety blinded, be safety minded.”

Working at heights water blasting

Water blasting

“Safety by Choice, Not by Chance.”

Working at heights

High level dust removal

“Safety starts with S but begins with you.”

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